Acting Healthy
Mary Miller

Introduction - A New Take On Wellness

CLARICE:  You can do it now.

BERNICE:  I haven't acted in years.

CLARICE:  Hush!  You acted every day of your life when you went into Sunshine and Sholtz and "acted" like a secretary.

BERNICE:   I can't just hobble in, one bum leg and an arthritic shoulder and say I want to act.

CLARICE:  Why not?

Excerpt from the play Mulberry Lane
by Mary Miller

ACTING HEALTHY Directors Notes for a Better Life
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"If all the world's a stage, how do we play a bigger part in our own lives?"

ACTING HEALTHY is a new take on wellness using acting tips and techniques to help you play a bigger, happier, thinner, younger, healthier part in your own life!  After all the first step to being happy, thin, young, and healthy is to act happy, thin, young, and healthy.


If you want a better life why not write a better play?  Who better to tell you how than a playwright?  Introducing award-winning playwright Mary Miller's ACTING HEALTHY program.  A unique way to use theatre to entertain, enlighten, and empower your life. "My goal is to help people understand they do have a choice and theatre can lead the way."

The First Step To Being Healthy Is Acting Healthy!
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